How to Escape from a Never-Ending Abyss of Research

Minna-san, konnichi wa! 

In today’s post, I will be talking about research and more importantly how to get out of the constant rut of over-research.

For many, research can feel like a chore, and it may at first seem like a major hindrance to our creativity or it might put a lingering halt on our creation of vast lands, magical creatures, intriguing characters, and an engaging storyline to go hand in hand with the amazing world we created.

However, research is (though reluctantly) a necessary part of our novel journey and may become useful in other aspects of our career, such as researching the industry in which we would like to publish (whether it be via traditional or self-publishing), marketing, and growing and maintaining our author platform (which I am currently working on and researching for as we speak).

And who knows? It may even be fun if you find something interesting. Though I may be one of those who find research time-consuming and frustrating at times, I do get excited when I research as I love educating myself on the self-publishing industry, the time period in which my novel is set, and the geographical location of my novel.

And yes, I am one of those nerds that enjoyed school and education, and I was the exact definition of a teacher’s pet. I also didn’t despise researching for a paper as much as my schoolmates. In fact, whenever I told people English is my favorite subject and walked out of the bookstore with stacks of books in hand, I would most likely be receiving a face like 😲.

Maybe I should make a post discussing some of the reactions or assumptions I’ve received when I told people that I’m an English major. 🤯

Got a little off-topic there. Anyways back to the topic.

How to Escape from a Never-Ending Abyss of Research
Image: Pexels/Graphic: Canva
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