Angel of the Sea

Book 1 of 5

Age Range: TBD

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Progress: Brainstorming Process

Type of Series: Dynamic Pentalogy

Followed by: GOTM


What would he give to escape the confines of a dreary college life?

What would he trade for a moment to explore the world…

And to discover something truly extraordinary?

In 1832, he was given that moment.

Alysander Charleston — a 21-year-old budding young naturalist — becomes eager at the prospect of embarking on a five-year expedition across the Mediterranean Sea. He sees it as an opportunity to see the world, make a discovery, and prove something to his overly critical and disapproving father.

Three years in, has he met the love of his life? A viscount’s daughter and hailing from Spain — The Honorable Ophelia Montero becomes his lover, wife, and companion during the expedition. But love isn’t the only thing he discovers…

When a centuries-old fossil, a journal, and a mysterious woman wash up to shore along the coast of Greece, Alysander becomes enamored with the idea of discovering a species that has long been kept hidden. But what he doesn’t know is that the secrets hidden beneath the dark, blue surface may reveal a darker side to nature, and an even uglier side to the truth.

Will Alysander be consumed by an obsession that threatens to destroy his marriage? And will he be ready for a secret that heralds misfortune against those who seek it?

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