Foreshadowed by Darkness

Book 1 of 3

Age Range: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Process: Outlining Process

Type of Series: Dynamic Trilogy

Followed by: FBG


Ten years ago, she was greeted by death.

A casualty of the 1880 fatal voyage aboard the RMS Triteia.

A casualty…..and a survivor.

Now it’s ten years later, and she has a gift.

Vivian Knightly — a 26-year-old investigative journalist, reporter, and single mother — is determined to solve the crimes of a serial killer terrorizing the streets of New York City.

But when she begins to experience visions of New York’s elite prostitutes being murdered, she claims the investigation as her own as she works alongside Detective Landon Klein to stop the killer before he claims his next victim.

Vivian soon realizes just how close she is to the crimes when the investigation focuses its attention on her as the suspect. While the authorities begin to question her motives and bizarre knowledge of knowing when the crimes happen before the coroner reports are revealed, she opens her heart to an unseemly relationship, which threatens to put a strain on the investigation.

But the investigation soon leads Vivian to uncover the truth behind a lucrative conspiracy and bring to light a dark act of retribution.

Will Vivian be able to stop the darkness that’s brewing within the façade of a well-to-do metropolis or will the darkness bring about corruption and death to New York’s flourishing city streets?

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