A Haunting Sorrow

Book 1 of 3

Age Range: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Progress: Brainstorming Process

Type of Series: Anthology Trilogy

Followed by: THM


Welcome to Evergloom — a place located between life and death, where spirits, who suffered a violent or traumatic end, wanders the Earth in search of peace, recognition, or revenge.

Amara Rivers — a 21-year-old writer and aspiring journalist — unexpectedly commits suicide with no recollection of why she did it. Her only memory — standing along the bridge’s barrier overlooking the sweeping Rogue River before taking the plunge.

Haunted by her death and a need to uncover the truth, she journeys to the depths of her past in an effort to discover the lies and betrayal circulated around her death and to escape the darkness that follows.

But will her death lead her to grapple with the effects of a long-standing tradition and force her to face the horrors of a dangerous conspiracy?

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