Murderess Bliss

Book 1 of 3

Age Range: Adult

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Progress: Brainstorming Process

Type of Series: Anthology Trilogy

Followed by: TMI


Milena “Mila” Angelova is a 20-year-old ballerina studying at the grueling Vasilieva Academy — a performing arts school in San Francisco. Mila is pretty, poised, and passionate as she makes her debut as the lead ballerina in the upcoming romantic ballet Giselle. She is also set to accept a scholarship to the Bellerose Institute of Classical Arts — a beautiful institution located in Verona — amid the following Spring.

But when a bitter rival threatens to unravel the seams of what Mila has worked literally her whole life for, jealousy ensues and a murder transpires.

Nine years into her life-term conviction, she requests to speak to the lead investigator on the case — Carlotta Rossi.

Is she finally ready to tell her where the body is?

Instead of divulging the whereabouts of her departed friend, Mila delivers a startling revelation: Her name is not Mila and she never murdered anyone. Her look-alike did.

Unsure of whether or not she believes her, “Mila” sets Rossi on a path of descending madness in order to discover the horrifying truth about the whereabouts of the missing body, the motive behind the girl with the sinister agency, and the long-hidden history of the very institute where infamy got its name.

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