Terms of Use

This blog is like a home and should be a safe place for any and all users of this site to express their own thoughts, opinions, questions, or concerns with me or with anyone else who uses this site and should not be subject to bullying as any form of bullying and disrespect, including discrimination, abusive language, harassment, and threats will not be tolerated at all on this site.

Please read thoroughly the Terms of Use in order to gain an understanding into the expectations and guidelines required to use this site. By further use of this site, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and are made aware of the consequences due to the violation of the Terms of Use. If you have any questions or concerns in regard to the Terms of Use, you can contact me at authormarieasano@gmail.com.

Forms of Abuse:

  • Discrimination (in regards to gender, race, religion, culture, sexuality, etc)
  • Abusive language (which includes strong curse words, derogatory remarks, or anything that could be considered downright rude)
  • Harassment (of any kind)
  • Threats (of any kind)

Discrimination, abusive language, harassment, and threats of any kind will not be tolerated and anyone who engages in such behavior — proper actions will be taken against those who abuse this site and who abuse those that visit it with no warnings.

Methods of Abuse:

  • Comments
  • Contact Form
  • Email
  • DM (via Social Media)

Anyone who leaves comments on this site, attacking me or any other site users — actions will be taken with no warning.

Anyone who attacks me personally via contact form and email address rather than using those methods of contact for what they are actually intended — actions will be taken with no warning.

This policy also extends to social media platforms as anyone who attacks me through DMs, or through comments, posts, or tweets — actions will be taken with no warning.

Other Forms of Abuse:

  • Spam
  • Spam-like

This site uses Akismet to filter out spam comments; however, any comments that somehow make it past the spam filter, must still be approved by me as I will take action against any comments, messages, or emails that appear to be spam or spam-like, which include comments, messages, or emails that have a spammy URL or name, or if the contents have nothing to do with the topic of my post or the blog itself, or if the sole purpose is advertisements, sales marketing, or offers services, whether or not it has anything to do with the actual content of this blog or post (if it’s purely for personal gain).

Consequences for Abuse:

The consequences vary based on offense.

  • Delete: Any comments, emails, messages, & DMs that involve discrimination, abusive language, harassment, threats, and/or spam or anything spam-like will automatically be deleted without warning.
  • Block: Any comments, emails, messages, & DMs that involve discrimination, abusive language, harassment, threats, and/or spam or anything spam-like will most likely be from repeat offenders and will automatically be deleted and blocked without warning.
  • Report: Any comments, emails, messages, & DMs that involve ANYTHING that could be considered dangerous to me or anyone who uses this site will be reported to the proper authorities in addition to being deleted and blocked without warning.

Also note, that although the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy, does require me to not share any personal data of any users on this site without the users’ consent, the right to consent may be waived if the Terms of Use is violated, and the data of the individual/s involved will ONLY be released to the proper authorities. The type of data released will also vary depending on the method of contact used for the abuse.

A Word on Copyright:

The use of copyrighted material is prohibited as anyone who uses the material created by me on my blog must do so if they agree to provide a direct link back to me, give me proper credit, or reblog via the reblog button. Anyone who uses information outside of this blog/site and shares it with either me or any other users via the comment section or any other method of contact must accredit the source of information back to the original owners/creators via direct links and must state what the link is about in order to avoid it being filtered as spam and subsequently deleted.

A separate page may outline the terms used in order to avoid copyright infringement. However, the terms used in my Copyright Notice pertains solely to my personal blog and does not cover any other blog or website out there. And thus, no legal action can be taken for copyright infringement shared on this site from outside sources; however, the Terms of Use allows me to reserve the right to delete the comment, block the Terms of Use violator, and possibly report offense to the content’s original owner/creator.

How to Handle Abuse:

Anyone who faces any forms of abuse or bullying on their site or social media platforms — please don’t hesitate to delete, block, and even report it.

Anyone who thinks that they may be a victim to abuse or bullying on my site or on my social media platforms via comments are encouraged to let me know; however, I will do my best to filter out any and all of the abuse comments beforehand.

And just a word of caution — there are times when we may think that our words might not have a negative effect on anyone and there are times where it turns out that what we think are jokes, may turn out to be another form of abuse.

So please, I encourage everyone to be wary of what you say and how you say it when leaving comments, messages, posts, etc, and think of how it may negatively affect those who use this site as it’s much more difficult to convey tone, attitude, and mood through writing, unless you actually say what you mean.

I’m not saying that jokes aren’t welcome. As long as it’s light-hearted and don’t include anything that could be considered offensive. Just be aware of that.

And remember to always treat others the way you want to be treated. 🙂 Would you personally be offended by the things you say?

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