Privacy Policy

This blog is like a home and as such any and all users who enter this dwelling will be treated with the same level of privacy, security, and respect as the information collected and used on this site (on this personal blog and as a part of the site as a whole) must first be consented in order to initiate the collection, storage, and use of any personal identifiable information necessary to the service of this site.

Please read thoroughly the Privacy Policy below in order to ensure full understanding of it as your consent to this policy must be acquired upon your first visit to this site prior to further use. However, if you do not consent to this policy, then you must cease further use of this site immediately, until such consent is acquired.

If you have any questions or concerns that pertain to this policy or this site in general, please feel free to contact me at

What data is collected & stored?:

Personal data that are collected and stored, whether it be through automatic or voluntary actions include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Website URL (if provided)
  • WordPress/Social Media User ID (if interacting via WordPress/social media platforms)
  • Anonymized String (Hash)
  • IP Address
  • Web Browser Type & Version
  • Operating System
  • Browser User Agent
  • Statistical & Demographic Data

How is data collected, stored, & used?:

  • Contact Form: Data, such as name, email address, and website URL (if provided) are collected, stored, and used in order to initiate contact with me.
  • Comment Section: Data, such as name, email address, website URL (if provided), submission date & time, and IP address are collected, stored, and used to initiate contact, feedback, & discussions with me or other users in the comment section.

WordPress/social media user ID may be collected and stored if interacting via these platforms as well as an anonymized string known as a hash and created from your email address in order to determine the use of your Gravatar profile and provided to the Gravatar service.

Also note that certain data, such as name/user ID, submission date & time, and content of the comment as well as a profile picture are made public after it’s been approved.

  • Blog Subscription: Data, such as name/user ID, and email address are collected, stored, and used in order for you to receive email update notifications on when new blog posts are released and users may cancel these email update notifications and unsubscribe from my blog at anytime.
  • Email: Data, such as name and email address are collected, stored, and used by me in an event where any and all users need to get into personal contact with me outside of the blog and the site in order to ask questions, state concerns, or make inquiries. Information collected and stored will only be used to initiate a response to the above reasons, unless otherwise specified.
  • Akismet: Data, such as name/user ID, email address, website URL (if provided), IP address, and browser user agent are collected, stored, and used by Akismet in order to check for and filter out spam within the comments.
  • Cookies: Cookies are small pieces of data stored within your computer and web browser in order to enhance user experience upon visiting this site. As such, this site enables the use of cookies in order for the site to provide full functionality during the user’s visit. 🍪

Data, such as name, email address, website URL (if provided), IP address, web browser type & version, and operating system are collected, stored, and used through the use of cookies. Users may disable the use of cookies at anytime; however, this site may not function properly without the use of cookies.

Otherwise, users who choose to consent to the use of cookies may do so by clicking on “Close and Accept,” which will appear on the cookie notification popup located to the bottom of this site upon first visit.

  • Data Syncing: enables the use of data syncing on the site as a whole, which means that this blog’s shadow version is stored onto the servers and includes the aforementioned data of this site’s users. However, I am not responsible for the data syncing that is enabled on this site and therefore, have no control over it.
  • Analytics: As part of, this site will automatically collect, store, and use certain general analytical data of users who visit this site.

Such data include statistical & demographic data, such as country location, links clicked on to enter or exit the site, or to travel between blog posts or pages within the site, keywords searched within the search bar or search engines in order to find or navigate the site, and the number of users who visit specific posts, pages, and the site in general.

Also note that the information automatically gathered here are for statistical and demographic purposes only and are meant to gather and track the general population of users who visit this site as opposed to personal information from individual users.

As a result, information gathered due to statistical and demographic purposes may be shared as this does not violate the rights of individual users as no personal identifiable information will be shared.

Data Storage, Deletion, & Privacy:

All personal identifiable data are stored securely and are stored for the duration necessary in order to fulfill the aforementioned reasons for acquiring the data in the first place, and/or for however long you consent for me to store it.

Upon request or until no longer required or necessary, data will be deleted. Also note that for certain data that are automatically collected by, I may not have control over them and therefore, be unable to delete said data, unless WordPress enables a way for its site’s users to delete the information themselves. If such a way does come into effect, then this Privacy Policy will be amended in accordance with the regulation that goes into this Privacy Policy.

Although no online site is ever 100% safe, works hard to ensure privacy and security of those who uses or visits the site. In addition, I also have taken the necessary steps in order to ensure security of this site and the protection of those who visits it. And in the event that a data breach shall occur, users of this site will be notified within 72 hours from when the breach was first made aware.

However, users of this site are still encouraged to be wary of the information and content they wish to submit to this site, and to only submit information and use this site from a secure device and account.

User Rights & Responsibility:

Visitors of this site are free to request access to or deletion of any personal data collected, stored, and used. To enable your access or deletion request or to request the correction or update of any personal data, please email me at Additional information may be collected for those who request access to personal data in an effort to identify the individual as the sole owner of the data and to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. Also, information collected during the site’s visit may be deleted upon request.

No personal data will be shared to third-party links or any outside sources without the consent of the individual who owns the data, and will only be shared to the site as a whole, and to an automated spam checker, such as Akismet. In addition, information about your visit to this site will not be collected and stored for any use other than to analyze the content performance through the use of cookies, which can be disabled through the modification of your web browser’s settings.

In regards to social media, anyone who comments, tweets, posts, or shares on any of my social media platforms are doing so by their own volition, and certain data will automatically be made public, such as name/user ID, as well as their social media profile (unless made private) and profile picture. Users are responsible for deleting or editing their own comments, tweets, posts, and shares, and will only be deleted by me when deemed inappropriate or offensive (see Terms of Use). However, any data submitted through DMs are kept confidential and will be deleted at the data owners’ discretion.

Also note that although the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy, does require me to not share any personal data of any users on this site without the users’ consent, the right to consent may be waived under certain circumstances (see Terms of Use) or in the event of where I am involved in a legal proceeding under the compliance of legislation, a court order, or a governmental authority.


As someone who enjoys reading and writing both adult and young adult fiction, the content I wish to display on this site in regards to my writing process, the books and movies I enjoy, or details about myself and my life in general are free for anyone to view regardless of age as nothing explicit or graphic in terms of language or content will be displayed on this site, even if the content of the novels I write may contain such content themselves (however, if this changes or if any posts that do go into detail of my novel and if deemed graphic, will include a trigger warning).

It is never ever my intention to collect, store, and use data of minors (anyone under the age of 16). However, any minors who wish to visit this site must acquire the consent of a parent or guardian in order for data to be collected, stored, and used. Data of minors under the consent of a parent or guardian are kept secure and are not shared with any third-party links or outside sources.

Any parent or guardian who also requests access or deletion of data of minors that has been consented may do so by emailing me at

Advertisements & Monetization:

As part of’s premium services, monetary compensation might be possible for the display of advertisements on this site. In addition, the premium service also allows opportunity to not only monetize this blog and display advertisements, but to also host sponsors, and use affiliate links to which I will be sure to leave a disclaimer in order to inform visitors of this site of when blog posts are being sponsored or contain affiliate links.

This section of the Privacy Policy will be modified once this site begins to display advertisements, host sponsors, and use affiliate links in order to further comply with the regulation that goes into this Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Links:

This site may contain links to third-party websites. Users who click on and are redirected to third-party sites must adhere to the privacy and cookie policy hosted on these websites as I am not responsible for nor do I have control over the collection and sharing of data hosted by these third-party websites.

Reference Links:

Please note that I have done my best to include relevant information that pertains to this site specifically; however, if you would like a more in-depth look at how privacy, security, cookies, and data syncing, or any other information mentioned above works on the site as a whole, then please refer to Automattic’s Privacy Policy and Automattic’s Cookie Policy for more details. Also, if you would like to know more about how privacy affects those who visits the users’ of the sites, then also be sure to check out Automattic’s Privacy Notice.

Policy Changes:

In the event that this blog is to expand, such as the inclusion of a mailing list or giveaways/competitions where more data is collected, stored, and used, or should the law that regulates the details that go into this Privacy Policy should change, I, under the compliance of the law, the site as a whole, and in extension with this personal blog, reserve the right to change or alter this policy as deemed necessary.

Also, in the event that I further upgrade my personal blog to a business or eCommerce plan where even more data are collected, stored, and used in order to exchange and complete further services, more changes or alterations to this policy may be made as deemed necessary in correspondence to the further expansion of this site.

Visitors of this site must consent to the updated privacy policy upon first visit subsequent the changes or alterations of this policy in order to continue the use of this site. Visitors who do not consent to the changes or alterations of this policy must contact me via in order to immediately request deletion of any data that may have been collected automatically and/or voluntarily upon first visit of or prior to the changes or alterations of this policy.

Be sure to come back to this page frequently as the contents of this Privacy Policy may be changed, altered, or updated at anytime, especially if this blog/site goes through any major changes or alterations itself. I may not warn you of such changes made to the Privacy Policy and it is something that you need to look out for through frequent check-ins and if you notice or are either notified of any major changes or alterations to the blog/site itself. An update date to when there is a change, alteration, or update to the Privacy Policy will be recorded at the bottom of this page to inform you of when this policy was last updated.

Updated: February 1, 2021

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