About Me

Minna-san, konnichi wa! 

My name is Marié Asano (MAH-ree-AY AH-sah-noh) and I enjoy writing fantasy and paranormal mystery. I am an author-in-progress and my current work-in-progress is an adult paranormal mystery series. I am here to chronicle my novel-writing process as well as to share my writing with the world. 🌸

About My WIPs:

🔪 Here, you will explore nineteenth-century life, stroll through Central Park, and investigate a city plagued with the terrible crimes of a serial killer, all while aiding Vivian as she realizes just how close she is to the crimes.

You will visit modern-day Oregon as you uncover a haunting conspiracy, evade a looming darkness, and follow Amara into the unknown realm of Evergloom. 👻

🧜‍♀️ You will set sail across the Mediterranean Sea in search of adventure, encounter a hidden species, and discover the world through the lens of Alysander as he becomes conflicted with protecting the secret of the very species he vowed to uncover, while following Arabella as she rediscovers the hidden realm of Serenia.

And you will also trek the dark mind of a convicted murderer in modern-day San Francisco as you set out on a path of descending madness, investigate San Francisco’s oldest dance institute, and discover Mila’s true identity. 🩰

About My Blog:

📚 +☕ = 😁 In addition to sharing with you about my novel-writing experiences and introducing you to my WIPs, this blog will segue into book reviews where I discuss and share some of my reads — both current and past reads.

I will also discuss my own life as a writer and share my own thoughts and insights on what keeps me happy, motivated, inspired, and confident. 🍨🍣🍜💄🐱🐬🌈🦄

Books I Read:

When I am not writing, I enjoy reading books — mostly fantasy and mystery novels — though I also enjoy reading romance, drama, and the classics. Pretty much I am open to reading a wide array of genres.

Because I enjoy different genres of books, it’s hard to limit it to one favorite, but some books I do enjoy include the Harry Potter series, Atonement, Jane Eyre, and The Odyssey.

And some of my favorite writers are Shakespeare, Charlotte Brontë, and J.K. Rowling.

Movies I Watch:

My favorite movies are Atonement, Titanic, If Only, A Walk to Remember, and Romeo and Juliet (1968).

Other Fascinations:

I also have a particular fascination with true crime shows, unsolved cases, and nineteenth-century life which becomes the backdrop for my current novel.

Other Random Facts About Me:

Other random things about me include being a:

  • Moon Taurus 🌜♉
  • ☕ Coffee Addict
  • Cat Lover 😻
  • 🦄 Daydreamer
  • Grammar Freak ❣
  • And ⏳ Time Traveler

About My Travels and How I Got into Writing:

I also enjoy traveling to Japan to visit family which is where half my header image came from as Japan was where I realized my dream of being an author (back in 2012), which I intend to make a reality. Though writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed and English is a subject I favored since high school and college, becoming an author has only come into fruition afterwards (when I was 22).

I welcome you to my new online home and encourage you to stay a while. Writing a full-length novel is going to be a ride like no other, but I do hope to take you with me on my novel-writing journey and to share my experiences with you along the way. ^^

If you ever want to follow, get notification updates, chat, or just wanna say hi, there will be a link to my links listed below. 👇

Here, you can find links to my website/blog and social media.

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