Fall Surprise Box Unboxing

Minna-san, konnichi wa! 

In this post, I unbox the Fall Surprise Box from Erin Condren, which I got last month.

I’m so excited for my first-ever unboxing, which I captured using still images. Autumn is my favorite season and I can’t wait for Halloween to come around. Also, the surprise box is just too cute to resist.

I will have a live video up on my recently launched YT channel later today at 1 PM, so if you want to check that out, you can navigate to the footer of this site and click the YouTube icon, which will redirect you to my latest videos. And if you like it, then be sure to support me by subscribing as I’m trying out different avenues when it comes to my author platform to see which one works for me.

With that being said, let’s move on to today’s post. Ikou!

Image: Personal Photo Gallery/Graphic: Canva

This Box is So Pretty, Right?

I love the pumpkins and it kind of matches my nails. 🎃🍂🍁

This card came at the top of the box and it details the items in the box as well as the retail price of each item.
The first items are two seasonal sticker sheets. One of them has pumpkins, which I love, and the other, you can write out your tasks or goals. Perfect for decking out your planner or notebooks. This is an exclusive item and it retails for $5.50. Also, I apologize for the reflectiveness of the items.
Next we have a petite planner, which is good for goal & task-managing. I already have a planner that I’m using for this year, but this is a great backup planner to have. This is also an exclusive item and retails for $14.
Some cupcake liners, for anyone who loves to bake. This as part of the gifting set is exclusive as well and retails for $8.50 altogether.
Then we have a tea towel with mid century circles on it. Nothing special, but nice. This is exclusive and retails for $12. That’s kind of expensive for a towel. Wow!
Here, we have a metallic rose gold cover. This is exclusive and retails for $13.
Some raspberry & vanilla metallic pencils. Cute! This retails for $5.50 and is a sneak peek.
This is a metal asterisk pen holder clip. I thought this was really cute. The asterisk almost looks like a flower for some reason and the rose gold gets me. This is a sneak peek and retails for $5.50.
A cupcake gifting set to go with the liners. I already mentioned the retail price above.
And finally, a notepad that you can stand up. You just need to fold the backflap. This is also a sneak peek and retails for $24.
And we’re done. All that’s left is the box, which can be used for storage and is reversible for versatility.

So there you have it, my first-ever unboxing video. I really enjoyed doing this.

My overall thoughts on this box? Well, I think the box itself is really cute. As for the contents of the box, I was genuinely surprised at how much of the items I did like. I thought the items were really cute in style.

With some products, I’m not sure how much use I’m going to get out of them, but my favorite items in the box are the sticker sheets, petite planner, and notepad with stand. And I think the pen holder is really cute and pretty to look at too.

I know that some people complained about their being a lack of pumpkin themed products within the box itself as they were hoping for some of the items to match the box design as the only pumpkin-related item was the sticker sheet. But that didn’t bother me too much.

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Also I might consider changing the time I publish my posts to an evening time as that works better for me right now. So I will be back with another post this Friday around 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST. So stay tuned!!!

Do you love Autumn, pumpkins, and Fall décor just as much as I do? Let me in know in the comments below!!!


Until next time, ja mata ne,

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