What are My Current Book Projects and Goals?

Minna-san, konnichi wa! 

In this post, I want to get a little personal and discuss my own WIPs. Some are what I am currently working on at the moment, and others are on the backburner while I work on my current book projects.

I’m also getting my main book project ready and in preparation for Camp NaNoWriMo, which is coming up in April. And I am working to finish the bulk of my research just to get a general feel for the location and time period that my novel is set in so that I can write about it with ease. However, I do plan on leaving notes or questions while writing and I will research them along the way.

I am also going through my character profiles and plot outline to make sure that everything makes sense, there are no inconsistencies, and there are as few plot holes as possible. I’m aiming for zero plot holes here, so we’ll see how that works out — the benefits of editing.

Now, like some writers — not all, I don’t always feel comfortable discussing my work. But I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, lest it would render my author platform useless if I choose to remain in comfortable silence over my WIPs.

So with that being said, let’s move on to today’s post.

What Are My Current Book Projects and Goals?
Images: Unsplash, Pexels, Shutterstock/Graphic: Canva

Foreshadowed by Darkness

Vivian Knightly
Image: Unsplash

We’ll start with Foreshadowed by Darkness since that is currently the main book project that I plan on working on during the month of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Foreshadowed by Darkness is book one of the Foreshadowed Series, which is part of a trilogy series. It is an adult paranormal mystery with a romantic subplot and primarily features characters who are in their mid-twenties and early thirties. Of course, some characters may be younger and some may be older, but the primary characters — i.e., protagonist, love interest, and antagonist — are within this age range.

The story takes place in New York City, during the fall of 1890. And the plot is very loosely inspired by the crimes of Jack the Ripper.

However, I did gain the inspiration to finish the novel and to defeat that sagging middle syndrome by listening to music and I do plan on releasing a novel and character playlist on Spotify, which is currently set to private. I listen to a lot of rock and pop music to gain inspiration when brainstorming and outlining for my novel and use research to help lock in the accuracy.

The image above is part of my book aesthetics which I plan on releasing soon, hopefully by next month, and it represents the protagonist of Foreshadowed by Darkness, Vivian Knightly — everything from her hair color, eye color, and face shape.

Here is a little bit more about my protagonist:

She has long brown hair, green eyes, is 26 years old, was born February 3, 1864, and is an Aquarius.

I know that not everyone is into astrology and horoscope, but I find them eerily accurate and read them to help figure out my character’s personality. When I first figured out Vivian’s birthday and star sign, I had no idea the kind of personality an Aquarius entails but I soon found that the personality matched my protagonist and I was like “wow!”

Let’s see! What else can I say about my protagonist? Mmm…she likes both coffee and tea. (She can’t just choose one. 😠) Damn it, Vivian, it’s either one or the other. You can’t have it both ways.

Joking! 😆 She can like whatever she wants. Look at me acting like she’s real. Maybe she is. 🤔

Moving on!

Let me end this section of the post by giving an (unofficial) blurb as to what this story entails. This is an expansion of what I already have on the My Books page:

Ten years ago, she was greeted by death.

A casualty of the 1880 fatal voyage aboard the RMS Triteia.

A casualty…..and a survivor.

Now it’s ten years later, and she has a gift.

Vivian Knightly — a 26-year-old investigative journalist and reporter — is determined to solve the crimes of a serial killer terrorizing the streets of New York City.

But when she begins to experience visions of New York’s elite prostitutes being murdered. She claims the investigation as her own as she works alongside Detective Landon Klein to stop the killer’s reign of terror.

Vivian soon realizes just how close she is to the crimes when the investigation focuses its attention on her as the suspect. While the authorities begin to question her motives and bizarre knowledge of knowing when the crimes happen before the coroner reports are revealed, she opens her heart to an unseemly relationship, which threatens to put a strain on the investigation.

But the investigation soon leads Vivian to uncover the truth behind a lucrative conspiracy and bring to light a dark act of retribution.

Will Vivian be able to stop the darkness that’s brewing within the façade of a well-to-do metropolis or will the darkness bring about corruption and death to New York’s flourishing city streets?

A Haunting Sorrow

Amara Rivers
Image: Pexels

A Haunting Sorrow is the second book project that I am currently working on and I have been going back and forth between this and the Foreshadowed Series.

A Haunting Sorrow is an adult paranormal mystery and is book one of the Evergloom Series, which is also a trilogy series. It features characters who are primarily college-aged; however, based on the plot, theme, and content of the novel, I do not consider it a new adult.

This story takes place in modern-day Grants Pass, Oregon, and the plot was based on my interest in life after death, and such notable works that explore this concept include The Lovely Bones and Peony in Love. The plots of books one and two were inspired by Pvris’s “Old Wounds” and “Things are Better”.

The idea I have for this series of books is that each book in the series will follow a different character. The image above portrays the protagonist of A Haunting Sorrow, Amara Rivers.

There isn’t too much to say about Amara at the moment, except that she has shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, and an olive skin tone, is 21 years old, is born February 24, 1996, and is a Pisces.

Let me give you a general (unofficial) blurb into what this story is about, which can be found on the My Books page:

Welcome to Evergloom — a place located between life and death, where spirits, who suffered a violent or traumatic end, wanders the Earth in search of peace, recognition, or revenge.

Amara Rivers — a 21-year-old writer and aspiring journalist — unexpectedly commits suicide with no recollection of why she did it. Her only memory — standing along the bridge’s barrier overlooking the sweeping Rogue River before taking the plunge.

Haunted by her death and a need to uncover the truth, she journeys to the depths of her past in an effort to discover the lies and betrayal circulated around her death and to escape the darkness that follows.

But will her death lead her to grapple with the effects of a long-standing tradition and force her to face the horrors of a dangerous conspiracy?

Angel of the Sea

Image: Shutterstock

Angel of the Sea is my third book project and is currently on the backburner while I work on Foreshadowed by Darkness and A Haunting Sorrow.

It is a historical fantasy adventure with a romantic subplot and is book one in The Serenia Chronicles, which is a pentalogy series. I haven’t quite determined the age category of this novel, but it will most likely be adult. The lead male is 21 years old and the lead female is 16. However, the content and theme will most likely be dark and it focuses heavily on Greek and Mermaid mythology.

The story will also feature two points of view and will be told in the third person limited omniscient POV. The characters featured are Alysander Charleston, who is described as having shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes, and Arabella, who is described as having long blonde hair and blue eyes.

This story also takes place around the 1830s and focuses its location around the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as along the coast of Greece.

The inspiration behind Angel of the Sea occurred when I was taking biology class a couple of years ago and we were learning or re-learning about evolution and natural selection, and the subject of Charles Darwin came up. I admit that that was a pretty weird place for me to gain inspiration for a fantasy novel. But I thought: What if Charles Darwin discovered a fantastical creature? Would he think that they were the evolution of an extinct species or perhaps a current species?

Hmm…these are the questions of a writer plagued with thoughts. 🤔And I became curious. Hence a plot was born. So yes, the lead male is loosely based on Charles Darwin and the plot is loosely based on his five-year expedition to South America.

Also, the image above represents Arabella who is the female lead of Angel of the Sea.

Here is the (unofficial) blurb for Angel of the Sea:

What would he give to escape the confines of a dreary college life?

What would he trade for just a moment to explore the world?

And to discover something beyond a boring college existence?

In 1832, he was able to get that moment.

Alysander Charleston — a 21-year-old budding young naturalist — becomes eager at the prospect of embarking on a five-year expedition across the Mediterranean Sea. He sees it as an opportunity to see the world, make a discovery, and prove something to his overly critical and disapproving father.

Three years in, has he met the love of his life? The daughter of a viscount and hailing from Spain — The Honorable Ophelia Montero becomes his lover, wife, and companion during the expedition. But love isn’t the only thing he discovers…

When a centuries-old fossil, a journal, and a mysterious woman wash up to shore along the coast of Greece, Alysander becomes enamored with the idea of discovering a species that has long been kept hidden. But what he doesn’t know is that the secrets hidden beneath the dark, blue surface may reveal a darker side to nature, and an even uglier side to the truth.

But will he be consumed by an obsession that threatens to destroy his marriage? And will he be ready for a secret that heralds misfortune against those who seek it?

Murderess Bliss

Mila Angelova
Image: Pexels

Finally, we have Murderess Bliss, the fourth book project, which is also currently on the backburner for the time being.

It is an adult paranormal mystery and is book one in The Confessions of a Murderess Series, which is a trilogy series.

This story is inspired by the doppelganger mythology and features 29-year-old Milena “Mila” Angelova — a ballerina convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. I don’t have too much to say about Mila at the moment but once the development of the novel starts, then I will be sure to update in future posts.

The story also takes place in modern-day San Francisco.

The image above may represent Mila Angelova.

Here is a little (unofficial) blurb to entice:

Milena “Mila” Angelova is a 20-year-old ballerina studying at the grueling Vasilieva Academy — a performing arts school in San Francisco. Mila is pretty, poised, and passionate as she makes her debut as the lead ballerina in the upcoming romantic ballet Giselle. She is also set to accept a scholarship to the Bellerose Institute of Classical Arts — a beautiful institution located in Verona — amid the following Spring.

But when a bitter rival threatens to unravel the seams of what Mila has worked literally her whole life for, jealousy ensues and a murder transpires.

Nine years into her life-term conviction, she requests to speak to the lead investigator on the case — Carlotta Rossi.

Is she finally ready to tell her where the body is?

Instead of divulging the whereabouts of her departed friend, Mila delivers a startling revelation: Her name is not Mila and she never murdered anyone. Her look-alike did.

Unsure of whether or not she believes her, “Mila” sets Rossi on a path of descending madness in order to discover the horrifying truth about the whereabouts of the missing body, the motive behind the girl with the sinister agency, and the long-hidden history of the very institute where infamy got its name.

So there you have it, my current book projects and ideas that I have so far. I will be sure to update the progress in future posts and pages once my book projects are more developed.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about what I am working on at the moment and that maybe it made you interested in wanting to learn more about my WIPs. 😉

If you want to stay up-to-date on new posts, including when I update on my WIPs, then be sure to follow me or any of my social media links below.

I will be back with another post next Friday at 10:30 AM PST. So stay tuned!!!

So are you guys interested in learning more about my WIPs? What are some projects that you’re currently working on? It can be novels, short stories, poems, plays, anything. (Only tell me if you are comfortable with talking about your current projects.) Or what is some projects from other writers/authors that you’re looking forward to coming out? Let’s have a discussion.


Until next time, ja mata ne,

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What Are My Current Book Projects and Goals?

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