The Cozy Alcove: Reading List! Want to Know More?

Minna-san, konnichi wa! 

Welcome back to my blogging home! In today’s blog post, I wanted it be simple while I try to set up some topics for future blog posts. So…

I have curated a reading list of books I hope to read by the year’s end.

Some of these books, I haven’t read and so I would like to get a jump on tackling my TBR list.

And others, I read before but would like to re-read them to gain a second first impression of the book.

Some, if not all of these books, may be up for review on this blog in the next few months (I’m aiming for Spring). And I’m aiming to complete this reading list by the end of the year.

The Cozy Alcove: Reading List
Image: Pixabay/Graphic: Canva

A Bookie Disclaimer

Also note that the majority of the books are books that I have purchased myself with my own money.

Only one book was purchased for me when I was in Japan and came across the largest bookstore I have ever seen. It was at least ten stories high, and I was like “Whoa!” 😲😍

The bookstore is the white building in the back. Picture was taken by me. 📷

By about floor seven (I think. It’s been five years. Lol), I had made it to the foreign section of the store and purchased a book — a book where I had seen the movie — and loved it. I was like…

Well for a movie adaptation of a book, this doesn’t suck.

And it became a movie that has made it into my top five favorite movies of all time…

*cough Atonement *cough (Thanks mom)! ^^

And only two books, I got as a free ebook from an online book club in exchange for an (honest) review. I initially joined the book club as a way to test the waters of giving book reviews and had only left one review as my schedule was too busy at the time.

My Book Reviews

However, unless through the online book club or otherwise purchased by me, I won’t be accepting or receiving any book submissions from other authors on this site until I paddle through my TBR list and leave reviews for the books that I so choose to read, and until I feel more confident and comfortable in leaving book reviews.

But yes, I would eventually love to open this site up to receiving book review submissions, especially for the indie author community. I love supporting fellow indie authors and writers. But for now, the best way I can support the community is for me to search for books and purchase them myself.

If this changes, then I will update this blog by leaving a book review policy up on my site. Until then, stay tuned!!!

Please note that I will support both indie and traditionally published authors on my blog (whether I purchase those books myself or whether I open this blog up to book submissions). I am an equal opportunist and love books and supporting fellow writers regardless of how it was published. The two books are marked with an asterisk * below.

The Cozy Alcove: Reading List

Here it is: The Cozy Alcove: Reading List

  1. The Savior’s Champion
  2. The Savior’s Sister 
  3. Stalking Jack the Ripper 
  4. Hunting Prince Dracula 
  5. Escaping from Houdini 
  6. Capturing the Devil 
  7. Winterspell
  8. Legend
  9. Prodigy
  10. Champion
  11. The Young Elites
  12. The Rose Society
  13. The Midnight Star
  14. Yesternight
  15. The Uninvited
  16. Atonement
  17. The Gilded Age in New York
  18. Unmentionable
  19. Midwinter Turns to Spring *
  20. Twisted But True *
  21. The Girl on the Train
  22. The Cellar

Also note that the books on this list will be read in no particular order.

This post is a way for me to share a reading list that I had curated for myself and it is a way for holding me accountable shall I fail to accomplish my goal to read at least twenty-two books by the end of the year; however, depending on how I am coming along in my book-reading endeavors, I may opt to add in additional books to The Cozy Alcove: Reading List.

I will of course post updates on my reading list progress and may leave reviews up on my site after completing a book. So if you want to stay up to date on new posts including when I’ve made progress on my reading list, then feel free to follow me or any of my social media links below.

I will be back with another post next Friday at 10:30 AM PST. So stay tuned!!!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my reading list and if you do, then please leave me a comment down below and let me know what’s on your reading list, or what is something you hope to read by the end of the year?


Until next time, ja mata ne,

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The Cozy Alcove: Reading List

7 thoughts on “The Cozy Alcove: Reading List! Want to Know More?

  1. I love the idea of having a list of books you want to read for the year! I’ve never done it this way before. Normally I set myself a goal of an amount of books I want to read and just read whatever I happen to come across. This seems like a great idea because I think if you know already what you want to read then you’re more likely to do it and probably do it faster leaving space for more books!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for commenting. I had only launched this blog earlier this week and am glad to know when someone takes an interest in what I have to say.

      Yes, a reading list definitely helps to narrow the focus and to tackle the number of books just sitting on my shelf and have yet to be read. I too would set a goal of having a number of books to read but then I would forget about it or get overwhelmed at the prospect of having to choose a book to read. Plus I get to realistically think if I will be able to read all these books in one year.

      So I find that curating a list of specific books I want to read will help keep me somewhat organized and prevent me from getting overwhelmed, yet reading them in no particular order will still allow room for flexibility and I still get to read what I am in the mood for. Maybe not what my Type A organizing, list-making, and carefully crafting a strategic plan to every minute detail counterpart likes to hear. But it works. Lol!


      • I love this! It makes so much sense so I’m surprised I hadn’t thought to do it this way before. I also started my blog recently and have had more engagement than I thought I would have which has been nice. It’s something I’ve always wanted to start but never got around to it so I’m gonna hopefully be more disiciplined this time around. 🖤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! I’m glad that my post helped. And I felt the same way when I started my blog. I had the idea to start a blog years ago but wasn’t sure how much time I could dedicate to it. But since I became serious with my book project, I thought now is the time to start building my author platform.

        Also, good luck with your blog! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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